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Vegetable Tanned Leather

Cutting, Clicking, and Skiving services available!

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Chestnut Finished Double Shoulders

Characteristics: Ideal for: Belts, Straps & Pouches

Approx Weight: 2-11oz
Avg Hide Size: 10 sq.ft.
Price: $7.30 per sq.ft.

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Latigo Leather Sides
Latigo leather is combination tanned to make it rigid but very pliable, great for use on products in which strength and flexibility are needed.

Characteristics: Tack, straps, belts, pet collars, leashes, cinches

Approx Weight: 8/9 oz
Approx Thickness: 3.2 mm - 3.6 mm
Price: $9.24 per sq. ft.

3 colors to choose from

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Bridle Leather Sides 9-10oz
Available in a beautiful selection of colors this "english" bridle leather is drum dyed for true dye penetration and is stuffed with greases, tallows, and waxes that make it weather resistant.

Characteristics: Smooth full grain, firm temper, enhanced weather resistance.

Approx Weight: 9 - 10oz
Approx Thickness: 3.6 - 4.0mm
Avg Hide Size: 24 sq.ft.
Price: $9.99 per sq.ft.

4 colors to choose from

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Vegetable Tanned Strap Side
This imported leather is tanned exclusively for us using a tannage that produces a leather with excellent tooling and embossing properties. These sides may have occasional blemishes or brands.

Characteristics: Belts, Straps, Fashion Accessories

Approx Weight: 3/4, 4/5, 5/6, 6/7 oz.
Approx Thickness: 1.2 mm - 2.8 mm
Avg Hide Size: 29 sq.ft.
Price: $6.50 per sq.ft.

1 color to choose from

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Milled-Soft Vegetable Tanned Sides
When a project requires pliable 100% vegetable tanned leather, this is the leather to choose. The milling process produces a supple feel and also produces prominent grain. These sides are wet moldable, stamp and dye well.

Approx Weight: 3 - 3.5 oz.
Approx Thickness: 1.2 - 1.5 mm
Avg Hide Size: 25 sq.ft.
Price: $5.75 per sq.ft.

1 color to choose from

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Brown Pull Up Double Shoulder 5 oz.
Made in the USA on American hides. This leather is produced in a small "boutique" tannery right here in Mass. After the retannage, dyeing and oiling, all the striations are highlighted creating a naturally rustic pull up effect with a unique range of dark and light tones These chrome vegetable retan double shoulders are perfect for cases, bags, covers, wallets and small leather goods. Perfect for making iPad bags.

Characteristics: bags,wallets,cases shoe and small leather goods

Approx Weight: 4-5 oz
Approx Thickness: 1.6 1.8mm
Avg Hide Size: 12 sq.ft.
Price: $6.75 per sq.ft.

1 color to choose from

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Vegetable Tanned Calfskin "kip" Sides 2-3oz
Also known as "kid" or "calf" leather these 100% vegetable tanned sides are exceptionally clean and ideal for wallets, linings, and other personal leather goods.

Characteristics: Smooth tight grain, natural full grain without dyes or pigment.

Approx Weight: 2/3oz
Approx Thickness: 0.8-1.2mm
Avg Hide Size: 14 sq.ft
Price: $6.50 per sq.ft

1 color to choose from