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Oil Tanned Leather

Cutting, Clicking, and Skiving services available!

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Kodiak Bandito Full Grain Oil-Tanned Leather Sides 4.5-5oz
Bandito represents a rustic full grain leather with a lightly oiled feel. These huge leather sides have occasional brands and healed scars that add rich character and really enhance the rustic style of these hides. Hides are very soft and the combination of oils & waxes in the finish give the hides natural resistance to weather and moisture.

Characteristics: Full grain, natural pebble grain, lightly oiled feel, weather resistant.

Approx Weight: 4-5 - 5oz
Approx Thickness: 1.6 - 2.0mm
Avg Hide Size: 26 sq.ft.
Price: $6.50 per sq.ft.

4 colors to choose from

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Gaucho Pullup Oil Tan Sides
This leather has a deep richness because it has been treated with oils, waxes and dyes in such a way that when the leather is pulled or stretched, the finish becomes lighter in the stretched areas. That gives an "Old World" effect or "Aged" look. The color returns when heat is applied or friction from rubbing a cloth or your hand in that area. This is considered a mark of high quality. This durable leather is perfect for chaps, purses, moccasins, saddle strings, tie straps, lining for tack and much more. Weight/Thickness: 5 to 6 oz. (2.0 to 2.4 mm)
SEE NEW COLOR Oil Tan Pullup

Characteristics: Chaps, cases & bags, boots.

Approx Weight: 5 - 6 oz.
Approx Thickness: 2 - 2.4 mm
Avg Hide Size: 20 sq.ft.
Price: $4.99 per sq.ft.

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Old Town Folklore Pullup
Very unique pull-up finish gives your project the old-time, well-worn, broken-in appearance that's so popular. Chrome tanned great feel.

Characteristics: Saddle bags, wallets, book & journal covers

Approx Weight: 4.5-5 oz.
Approx Thickness: 1.8 - 2 mm
Avg Hide Size: 20 sq.ft.
Price: $4.99 per sq.ft.

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Top Grain Oil Tanned Leather Sides 5oz
Oil tanned leather is unique because it has special oils & waxes applied during the tanning process to give the leather a very soft and supple feel that is resistant to water and other elements. The leather has a wonderful full bodied hand that is the perfect combination of softness and rugged durability for bags, boots, chaps, and more!

Characteristics: Very smooth topgrain leather, oiled feel w/ medium-firm temper.

Approx Weight: 5.5 oz
Approx Thickness: 2.4 - 2.6mm
Avg Hide Size: 22 sq.ft.
Price: $5.99 per sq.ft.

3 colors to choose from